5 Random Facts about ME

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5 Random Facts about ME

Anyone who knows me KNOWS I am long winded and yet here trying to come up with 5 facts I want to share seems so difficult. If (when) I begin to ramble just know you're getting the real, authentic me...




1) I am a HUGE fan of the Chicago TV series. They are all getting ready to go on break for the season so I will be gaining 4 hours into my week, plus Law & Order SVU so there is 5 more hours in a week to craft! (Or ya know, catch up on house work...) I've never found a drama that captivates me the way those produced by Dick Wolf do!




2) I am very happy to say my marriage is an absolute team effort. While I tend to be the driving force Jonathan steps up to the plate every time no matter what my next crazy idea is (paying off all our debt at lightning speed or buying a vintage camper, he's all for it!) PS I promise the debt reduction calculator post is coming soon, it is seriously changing our lives and I look forward to sharing it with you!



3) Speaking of vintage campers... I have one! Its a Santa Fe Cub! (Never heard of it? Yeah me either until we got one and did some research!) The funniest story on how it came to live under our front porch I'll share in due time. We will be doing a full restoration and will document it here. Now just to decide between making it a camping camper or Gettin' Personal on wheels! Decisions, decisions...




4) Gettin' Personal is actually my 4th business adventure and already in just 2 months (Today is my 2-month-aversary!) its proven to be the most successful. I started out with The Branded Cowgirl which is the company I started as a high school senior; handmade western bling, one of a kind cadet caps, cowgirl purses, you name it I had it all! When Jonathan came into the picture it morphed into The Branding Iron Trading Co. (same great stuff, less girly and home decor and manly stuff was added) I also started Paint-A-Pallet which is a sign painting company! We do all the prep work, you come paint a wooden sign (also handmade) and go home with new decor! We love hosting workshops all around town and have also traveled to Cali to host! Which brings us here to Gettin' Personal...



Please excuse my low quality Instagram photo! Here you see (top to bottom) Brody James, Beretta Lynn, Tucker Lee and Pancho aka Panchito and one proud pup mama!


5) I am a super proud dog mom! All of my babies have unique personalities and their own stories; Tucker who's been spoiled since birth, Brody who's been in more homes in the last year than I care to count but the only time he'll be getting a new home is when we buy one and move, Beretta Lynn who was found in the desert with gunshot wounds yet loves like nothing has ever happened and Pancho the roof rat who was left on an apartment roof when the tenants moved out and charmed Jonathan out of a Chile Pepper burrito and eventually a forever home! They drive me insane sometimes but I believe sometimes love is just a four legged word!


Well now that you've gotten a little more insight on my life I'd love to know more about you! Drop a comment below about yourself so we can really start gettin' personal!


<3 Gwynn


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