Criss-Cross Christmas Ribbon - How To Decorate Like a PRO

Criss-Cross Christmas Ribbon - How To Decorate Like a PRO

You've seen them on Pinterest (if you haven't you're missing out! Follow us here!)
These GEOURGEOUS trees with the perfect ribbon wrapping and crossing all around them. Want to know a secret? They aren't near as complicated as they look! With a little help from me your tree will look like you hired a designer to come trim it for you!
Here's what you'll need to get started!
  • Some wired ribbon
  • Scissors, and
  • About 20-30 minutes (it is SO worth it!)

You can use any color, style, or patterned ribbon as long as it is wired ribbon. I personally use 2.5" ribbon; it seems to be the perfect fit for the size tree we usually get.

Depending on the size of your tree, you will need 6 to 8 pieces of ribbon cut about twice the length of your tree.

  • For example, if you have a 6 foot tree, you will want to cut 6 pieces of ribbon 12 feet long.
  • If you have a slender tree, then 6 pieces will be plenty!
  • If you have a very big Christmas tree that is very full and wide, you will want to do 8 pieces to get the same fullness effect.
  • Extremely large trees over 8 feet high and 3 feet wide will probably need 10 to 12 pieces of ribbon. (And a lot of patience!)

Ok, let's do this!

1. Cut your ribbon pieces as specified above (you'll want them to all be individual pieces) then secure one end of them all together in a knot. (You could also use floral wire or thin ribbon to tie them.) Make sure if your ribbon a design that they are all facing the right direction.



2. Next you'll secure the bundle to the top of the tree and drape the ribbon pieces. To secure the ribbon to the top try tucking it under your tree topper or simple wrapping more wire or ribbon around the top branch. Be sure to space the ribbon strands hanging down evenly, it will make the following steps much easier.

3. Now comes the fun part! About 12" from the top of the tree take two of the ribbons that are side by side and cross them. Twist them around twice and kind of pinch them and the wire in the ribbon to make it snug. Then go to the next set of two ribbons and do the same until all of your pieces are crossed about 12" from the top. (Warning: the first row looks weird. Like "ok-I-did-this-wrong-I'm-just-going-to-stop-now" weird. Don't! It gets better!) Be sure to even out your sections before moving on to the next row.


4. Next row! For each row here on after you will switch out which ribbons will cross; start with the left ribbon in a section and you'll cross is with the right ribbon of the section to the left of it about 12" down as well. do this all the way around so that each ribbon has a new partner in the second row. You'll continue doing this all the way down the tree, swapping which two ribbons are matched up each time. Try to keep the sections straight; your 1st, 3rd and 5th rows should line us as should your 2nd, 4th and 6th. (You even rows should be off centered to your odd rows)


5. Almost done! Once you get to the bottom you have a few options on what to do with your excess ribbon. You can cut the extra off or tuck it in to the tree (that's what I do, I try to reuse my ribbon year after year and it helps incase the next year my tree is a little bigger!) I straighten up and adjust my ribbon as needed and add little bows to the criss-crossed sections. 



I still need to add ornaments, so a competed picture will be coming soon!

And there you have it! This easy trick works great on both expensive and inexpensive trees! It works WONDERS in cheaper trees that have less branches because your eyes are drawn to the décor and it helps fill in space. AND it helps me space ornaments; I usually put 5 in each diamond shaped section that the ribbon creates. (I may be just a tad OCD!)


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