Gettin' Crafty with Levi - Mess Free Finger Painting

I'm game for ANY project that starts off with "mess free" and this is one your kiddos will enjoy too!
The first day of summer may not be for another week but here in Yuma, AZ its already sweltering! Today's high was 110! Levi is in no shape to be outside and I'm sure lots of other mamas are not wanting to drag their littles out in the heat of the day so we found a fun {mess free} craft to do inside! (And I already had everything needed to do it!)
Here's what you'll need:
-Paper ( I used some glossy paper but I'm sure just about any kind will work!)
-A few colors of paint (I used a few shades of blue from my FAVE brand of craft acrylics; Apple Barrel)
-A baggie (I used a sandwich bag, for bigger kids a gallon size bag would be great!)
First I trimmed down my paper to fit inside the plastic baggie. No real specific measurements, just enough so it could lay flat.
Then I put a few drops of paint in various shades of blue. (I had something up my sleeve for this project, you'll see later in the post!) Feel free to play with any colors that make you smile!
Then I sealed up the bag and let the fun begin!
Levi had fun rubbing the paint around, he rolled his toy truck over it a few times and may have crinkled it up in an effort to put it in his mouth! (Poor guy is teething; EVERYTHING goes in the mouth...)
{A super cute video of him painting was SUPPOSED to go here buuuuuuut I'm having tech issues, story of my life!} 
I opened the baggie and tried to pull the plastic away. It started tearing the paper! Oops! I tore the bag open so the plastic was only laid over the painted side then took my hair dryer to it. Once the paint was completely dry the plastic peeled away easily. (With as hot as it is I could have probably set it outside for a while to dry, maybe during nap time?)
And what I had left was Levi's very first piece of artwork! (And no clean-up!)
Since its just a few days away and I've had the hardest time finding the perfect card from Levi to Jonathan for his first Father's Day I decided to use his art piece to make a card!
I trimmed down Levi's painting and included a picture from our recent family photo session. (How adorable is my little ham in these pictures?! We LOVE Roxy Meyer Photography here in Yuma!)
I used my Silhouette to make the card but if you don't have a cutter you could use stickers and good old fashion scissors too! {OR get one here! You won't be sorry!}
How sweet would this be to send a card to grandparents?! Kids have fun, no mess and a heartwarming gift too!
Let us know if you try this one with your kiddos! 

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