Flavor Lineup Infographic

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For use in retail locations to provide customers with info about our 18 regularly available, unique blends. Provides the blend name, flavor description, heat scale (i.e. how hot it is), and general food pairing recommendations. This infographic is made up of two (2) 8.5" x 11" 14 pt. cardstock sheets with a glossy finish. Simply tape them to a wall, shelf, place in a frame, etc. Mount them however you need (adhesives, mounting hardware, frame, etc. not included). These are very attractive and useful to customers!! NOTE: This infographic only lists our current 18 regularly available blends, and does not include seasonal flavors such as Ranch Ranger, Insurgent, etc. Note: Although food pairing recommendations are given, this is by no way a restriction. Customers are always encouraged to be creative and experiment with our blends on a variety of foods!