MUST HAVE Christmas Pillows for 2019

I have never been a throw pillow person.

Yep I said it!

But this year I am really pushing to decorate my home. The last several years I've spent all my time making pieces to decorate YOUR homes and always had people saying "Your home must be so beautiful!" Nope. We had very little décor up at our house but no more!

My current obsession is fun pillows for our couch. They just make everything so cozy and are seriously the easiest piece of décor that you can swap out for the season (and if you just get cute covers they store super easily!)

If you're NOT in my At Home for the Holidays group you are missing out! I just posted my Throw Pillow Formula to help you plan out exactly how many you need for YOUR couch!

So here they are: my MUST have throw pillows for the 2019 Holiday Season!

THESE! These are my NUMBER ONE (and used in my pillow tutorial.) I plan on getting them in lots of colors for each season but the cranberry red is perfect for Christmas. These will be easy to layer too! They offer several sizes and come in a pair! (Get them here)

If you REALLY want to mix it up there is also this set of *5* color matched covers! I'm getting these in black to use year round! (They have several color options!)
(Snag them here!)

TEXTURE! I love these velvety green pillows with the pom poms! (And yes they too are available is several colors!) And these corduroy pillows are so soft and a great mix of texture against mostly one dimensional pillows! Amazon has several sizes and colors for them too!

Ok now we are getting in to the really fun pillows with cute winter designs! Home fun is this set?! They come out to LESS than $5 each!

I love love love the buffalo plaid accents in this group of pillow covers! I keep hearing that buffalo check is on its way out but I'm not letting it go anywhere any time soon!

If you've spent any amount of time with me lately you'll know I'm OBSESSED with dark shades of green so I HAD to include this set with my pillow round-up! I think these would look great paired with solid red pillows and black & white buffalo check!

If you LOVE classic Christmas charm look no further than this set here

Nice, oblong pillows like this one make a great focal point piece! This is essentially center stage for your couch!


And last but not least: gnomes are treeeeending my friends! Add a little gnome to your home with this cute pair of pillows!


So there you have it: my MUST have pillow purchases for 2019! (Lucky for you they are all available on Amazon PRIME!)

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